Removing the daily hassle that comes with managing, maintaining and updating your own private bare metal dedicated server infrastructure.

RackCrate Networks

We develop this program for people that want to start a business today in the hosting industry without the daily issues of running one. Our shared platform allow business under our network to sell without thinking of RAM capacity, CPU load and payroll management.

Not a Reseller, a Brand.

Work on sales and growing your community while we focus on developing the best product possible. We work hard to keep the operational costs low without sacrificing the high level of service and quality your customers expect. You and your customers can depend on 100% uptime and high-quality service, no matter your location.

Tier Servers Rev Share
Junior Network 2-100 50 / 50
Senior Network 101 - 500 60 / 40
Virtual Network 501 - 999 70 / 30

We only use Enterprise Hardware

RackCrate also offers you the best systems and enterprise grade hardware available to support your needs. Intel® and SuperMicro® are leaders in what they do. Choose the best, deliver the best. RackCrate offers enterprise grade Intel® and SuperMicro® Server Hardware, and as a leader in dedicated hosting we offer you the best systems and hardware available to support your needs. Intel and Supermicro are leaders in what they do - choose the best, deliver the best.

Start today.

As you continue to grow we increase your revenue
share allowing you to keep scaling your company.

Junior Network Senior Network Virtual Network
Revenue 50% Revenue Share 60% Revenue Share 70% Revenue Share
Servers 2-100 101-500 501-999
White label
Panels & billing system
Set your own pricing
No start-up fee
Custom Dashboard
Wholesale cost
Community Discord
LTO Products
RackCrate shared office space

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Rackcrate DDoS Protection

Services marked with Anti-DDoS Protection benefit from our robust DDoS protection solution.

Visit our DDoS Protection page to learn more.