We believe clients have the right to know what their service cost to make.

Rackcrate pricing

Our services are designed for demanding clients that run business-critical services or need high performance, top security & large network capacity.


  • Hardware: Running a Minecraft server demands high CPU and RAM usage just to keep it alive with a few plugins and players, as it right now our servers run on a (2) E5-2620V2 and for ram we use on each box 16x8GB PC3L-10600R.

  • Co-Location: This is where we stand out, while the community continues to grow, we understand that your server needs that "extra" to survive. Currently, we work with Hurricane Electric (HE) to reduce redundancy and to get an outstanding peering at each of our network nodes.

    We also use the Psychz network to co-locate backup servers, database-storage servers and some game hosting servers to reach the west and south part of North America.

  • Multicraft: The best panel for your server, don't worry about security issues, panel lag, and connectivity issues.

    Open-source panels can be attractive at times but we aim to deliver an outstanding experience on each server and as it right now open-source can be problematic for the users, the server owners and the hosting company.
  • Components of the VAC

    * Price is calculated per 1024 MB of RAM.
    * RackCrate takes a % to provide extra features, upgrade hardware and scale.

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